Synagen IQ Review: Core Focus Pill Side Effects & Price

SynagenIQ Core Focus, a dietary supplement, acts like a power booster for the brain helping it to function better and remain healthy.

For high levels of mental performance, it is important that the brain has all the required nutrients. Various kinds of dietary supplements are available in the market and they help in boosting brain functions considerably. Reduced mental performances can hamper work at home as well as in professional areas. Working efficiency reduces drastically. With the right kind of brain booster, the brain functioning can improve greatly.


What is Synagen IQ Brain Booster?

It is a dietary supplement that helps in improving brain functionalities to a great extent. There are many factors including age that lead to decreased functioning of the brain. The supplement provides vital nutrients to the brain so that it remains healthy and in good shape. And once that happens all the activities controlled by the brain get better including cognitive functions, memory, quick response time and so on.

How does Synagen IQ supplement function?

This brain booster works on the cerebrum part of the brain, which is responsible for handling all the important functions in the body. The functioning of the cerebrum is greatly improved with regular intake of this dietary supplement. As a result great improvements are noticed in memory levels, cognitive abilities, brain functionalities and overall energy levels in the body. Retaining and processing data also becomes convenient with this supplement as the brain’s mental performance gets better.

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Ingredients used in Synagen IQ Core Focus Formula

Various kinds of organic elements are used in the making of Synagen IQ dietary supplement. There is also some advanced formula that has been implemented in the product for best results. However, the official website of Synagen IQ formula does not furnish any information on the specific ingredients that are used in the making of this excellent supplement. There is no use of any kind of artificial component or chemical agents in this.


  • Helps in improving overall brain functions
  • Betters cognitive abilities by manifold times
  • Helps in improving memory – both long term and short term
  • Improves problem solving and analytical skills
  • Response time is quicker as brain is able to process information faster
  • Improves focus and concentration levels
  • Helps in keeping the brain alert and cautious
  • Increases overall energy levels in the body
  • Enhances recollecting and recalling abilities of the brain
  • Betters the sharpness of the brain



  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Not available in general retail stores
  • Limited stocks of the product

No side effects of Synagen IQ Brain Booster

It comes with zero side effects as all organic components are used in the making of this great dietary supplement. But it is still recommended to consult your physician once before taking this supplement.

Guaranteed results from Synagen IQ Pills

The brain enhancing supplement has been liked by almost all people who have used it. Synagen IQ memory enhancer provides great positive results and improves brain functionalities and cognitive abilities considerably.

Where to buy Synagen IQ core focus formula?

For purchasing this supplement, you have to go to the official website of the product and place your order online. Your pack of the supplement will reach on your address soon.


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